What is for Advertisers?

Neterou is a Native-Ads self-service platform technology for creating scalable data-driven, dynamic ads delivered directly to your audiences. An exclusive form of Native advertising that integrates high quality content into the primary experience of a given platform through native ad units that conform to the design and feel of the website on which it`s shown.

Is it free to join

Yes, it is free to join

What are the ad specs?

Image: we recommend 300×200 or larger, we will autoresize it to all other sizes. Maximum size is 720 kb. Title: zero up to 100 characters Description: zero up to 120 characters.

What are your targeting capabilities? has the following targeting capabilities: – Geo-targeting by country – Desktop and Mobile targeting

Can I find statistics on each ad creative?

In order to do that, please select « Ads »  then « Ads Reports »

What is the minimum payment threshold ? (Advertiser)

The minimum threshold is 15$ for all payment methods beside.

What is the cancellation policy?

If an advertiser wants to cancel the campaign, he can contact the Support Team and the campaign be cancelled immediately, whatever the reason for cancellation. All the unspent budget will be refunded.


How do I get paid by Neterou? (Neterou payment methods) – Publisher

You can get the payment via Paypal or Bitcoin.
Paypal – starting from 80 euros
Bitcoin – starting from 70 euros

How long does it take to get the payment?

We proceed payments every month.
When your profits reach the minimum threshold, the system automatically sends you the money. All the payments are sent one by one after the traffic is checked.

I haven’t received scheduled payments, what should I do?

There are few reasons why these occasions are possible: incorrect Paypal details or technical problems with Paypal or Wire Masspay mechanics. Also, your traffic can be still reviewed by the analytics department.
Please, check your account details and if everything is filled correctly inform your account manager that there is a delay in payments. They will surely help you solve the problem.

How can I track my statistics?

Please, check “Statistics” section in the dashboard to track your revenue real-time. Sometimes, it takes a few hours to update statistics.

How to contact Neterou support

You can send a ticket in the Dashboard via “Support”

Is it possible that my statistics and my revenue data are shown incorrectly?

Keep in mind that there is a few hours delay while updating the revenue statistics, since the traffic has to be checked by Neterou system to exclude any fraud activity. However if after a few hours data doesn’t seem to be right, please contact your account manager for the details.